Summer 2016, We’re Gonna Miss You

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It’s tough to accept that summer is over and fall is upon us, but here it is. The kids are back in school and Labor Day Weekend, the last gasp of sweet summer air is just around the corner standing as an unofficial close to summer fun. Summers can be a little slower here at […]

A Time to Say Thank You Again

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In the service business, we spend a good deal of time saying “Thank you.” There are Thank yous to customers, vendors, co-workers. Our shop is like a Grand Central Station of Thank you. And we are very comfortable with that. It is the way that it should be. No question. This year was a little […]

A Big Thanks to Everyone

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They say that in times of trouble you really find out who your friends are. Well, it would appear that we have a bunch of friends and have even made some new ones in recent weeks. As many of you know, about three weeks ago, there was a fire here at Quick Lane at Garnet […]

Cold Weather and Your Car’s Battery

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There are some things that are near guarantees in life. One of them is that sooner or later, you are going to have car battery trouble in cold weather. Oddly enough, hot weather causes more wear on your car battery than cold weather, however, it takes more current to start your vehicle in the cold […]

New Year’s Resolution: Treat Your Car Better

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It is a brand new year and with every new year comes new resolutions. Well, for some of us, we simply dust off last year’s resolution and take another crack at it. Hello again, gym membership. One resolution that is easy to keep is taking better care of your car. To some folks hearing this […]

Ignoring a Check Engine Light is a Bad Idea

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The check engine light is a catch-all warning mechanism for a number of components of your vehicle. Ignoring this warning for an extended period of time can lead to the break down of parts and systems in your vehicle which could lead to very costly repair bills. The¬†check engine light lets you know when your […]

Free Brake Inspection and Much More!

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We are approaching the end of the Summer Driving Season and if you are like most folks in the Delaware Valley, you have done a number on your vehicle this summer. That’s why you can get great deals for the remainder of August on great service from Quick Lane at Garnet Ford. We want to […]


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